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Path To Nationals

One team at each National Bound level is chosen to represent the Atlantic District at the USA Hockey Nationals at both Tier I and Tier II.  This year all "National Bound" Atlantic District teams play in the MAWHA league.  And we have created a strategic and fair path to determine the District Champion at each National Bound level.

The MAWHA Champion at each National Bound level both Tier I (AAA) and Tier II (AA) will receive a bye directly into the District Championship weekend.  The MAWHA Champions will be considered the #1 Seed in the Championship weekend at Districts.

Teams that do not receive a bye to the District Championships may have an opportunity to advance to the District Championships as the District Challenger.  The District Challenger will be determined during the Challenger Series weekend which will take place this season 2 weeks after the MAWHA Championship weekend.

MAWHA Playoff - February 23-24, 2019

MAWHA Playoffs will be top teams in each division playing in a single elimination tournament at all levels to determine the MAWHA Playoff Champions.  The MAWHA Playoff Champion will receive a bye into the Atlantic District Championship as the number 1 seed.

Playoff Brackets
Tier I -AAA Tier II -AA Tier II - A
  8U - 8 Teams  
  10U (AA) - 2 Teams 10U (A) - 4 Team
  12U (AA) - 4 Teams 12U (A) - 4 Teams
14U (AAA) - 3 Teams 14U (AA) - 4 Teams 14U (A) - 4 Teams
16U (AAA) - 2 Teams 16U (AA) - 4 Teams 16U (A) - 4 Teams
19U (AAA) - 2 Teams 19U (AA) - 4 Teams  


March 9-10, 2019

The weekend will determine the Girls Atlantic District Challenger for the District Title and the representative from the Atlantic District in the USA Hockey National Tournament.

The Challenge Series will be held for both Tier I and Tier II National Bound divisions.

Format will be as follows:
14U Tier I - 2 team Best of 3 series

19U Tier II - 4 team Round Robin 
16U Tier II - 3 team Round Robin
14U Tier II - 4 team Round Robin