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Player Movement

MAWHA Player Movement Rule


2. Roster changes may be made after December 31st , however players added to the roster after December 31st are not eligible for District playoffs or MAWHA league games and playoffs.

Commissioner: If a player is on more than one roster as of December 31st , it is allowed unless disallowed below.

a. Player movement 
ii. Until December 31st players within a club can move (with appropriate notification and confirmation) within an age division and/or between age divisions, as long as age appropriate (goalies exempt).

Commissioner: Even after December 31st, if a player is rostered, that player can move between teams unless disallowed below.

iv. Notification of the move must be made (by telephone or email) to the appropriate Vice President (or Commissioner if the appropriate Vice President is not available) no later than noon the immediate Friday before the MAWHA league game.
• Age groups 8U, 10U and 12U – Vice President
• Age group 14U, 16U and 19U – Executive Vice President 

v. Once a player move is confirmed, they cannot be moved back to, or to another MAWHA team for the weekend.  If the player is to be moved back to, or to another team the next weekend, thisplayer movement procedure must be followed for the next weekend.

Commissioner: This rule will be extended to playoffs. The Friday before the start of the first playoff weekend any player that is to be moved from one December 31st rostered team to another December 31st rostered team and is being moved from the last Mawha team played game to another rostered team for playoffs. The player may not be moved back during the duration of all Mawha playoffs. To properly move the player use

6.  Prior to noon Friday preceding the playing their first league game, each team must have listed each player and their distinct jersey number on their roster page on the MAWHA website, establishing their MAWHA roster. PLAYERS LISTED ON THE MAWHA ROSTER MUST MATCH OR BE A SUBSET OF THE PLAYERS CURRENTLY LISTED ON THE TEAM’S USA HOCKEY ROSTER. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS – A FORFEIT WILL BE ASSESSED TO ANY TEAM THAT FAILS TO PROPERLY POST THEIR ROSTERS ON THE MAWHA WEBSITE.

Commissioner: The Friday before the start of the first playoff weekend will notify the Commissioner of the eight (locked) players.

Summary:  Any violation of the above rules where a player has played on two different teams during any of playoff game the commissioner may deem both teams that the player played for, as each playing an ineligible player. If a player is deemed ineligible, the teams that the player played for during the players will forfeit each game. It is the responsibility of all coaches to follow the above rules. Any head coach in violation may be suspended for up to three Mawha games for the team the infraction(s) occurred.