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MAWHA 2020-21 Season - Update

MAWHA - Announcement

MAWHA has continued to monitor the status of youth sports in each state within our league footprint. In conjunction with the Atlantic District, we have been evaluating the ever-changing landscape of regulations regarding the ability for each of our organizations to return to full competition. Based on the current allowances and what we project to be potential positive developments in the coming weeks, the Executive Board has determined that MAWHA will move forward with an anticipated formal start date for scheduled games beginning October 1. Please note that ALL on-ice activities MUST abide by all regulations of the state in which the game is scheduled, including any restrictions on travel, capacity for indoor activity, or type of activity (i.e. game vs practice). Games that are not held in accordance within the parameters of the respective state and local governments will not be sanctioned by MAWHA, the Atlantic District, or USA Hockey. Again, it is the responsibility of the home team to ensure proper compliance for any contest, including making the visiting team aware of any and all applicable policies and/or restrictions.

While we would like to have all games scheduled by October 15, we recognize that each organization will be in a different position with regards to state restrictions, financial status of the club, and travel considerations, among others concerns. As such, the Executive Board has also made the following adjustments to the by-laws for the 2020-2021 season:
1) There will not be any penalty assessed to teams who have not completed their scheduling and entered it into the website by October 15
2) Any scheduled game that cannot be played because of existing state or local government restrictions should be attempted to be rescheduled, but can be canceled without penalty.
3) All teams will qualify for MAWHA playoffs
4) All AAHA teams will qualify for AAHA District Playdowns

Finally, the schedule and format for the postseason will be as follows:
Weekend 1: Feb 20 & 21  = MAWHA Playoffs U14/U16/U19 (Hatfield)
Weekend 2: Feb 26, 27, & 28 = MAWHA Playoffs U8/U10/U12; District Playdowns U14/U16/U19 for AA Only (Hatfield)
Weekend 3: Mar 6 & 7 = AAHA Best-of-3 District championships (Hackensack)

As a reminder, MAWHA will not be assessing any league fees for this season; instead, each team will be assessed a "tournament fee" to participate in MAWHA Playoffs.  

MAWHA - Executive Board

2020-21 Preliminary Team Declarations

Preliminary team declaration submitted by July 15, 2020 to begin our planning for the 2020-21 hockey season of MAWHA. **Changes can be made to declaration up until the beginning of the MAWHA Season.**

    Congratulation Tier I Champions


    2019-20 Playoff Champions

      16U AAA - Jr Flyers
    14U AAA -  NJ Titans 19U AAA - Jr Flyers


    Congratulation Tier II Champions

    2019-20 Season

    10U  - Jr Flyers
    12U A - Union Thunder

    14U A - NY Islanders
    16/19U A -  LV Phantom Youth

    12U AA - Jr Flyers

    14U AA - Jr Flyers (Black)

    16U AA - Jr Flyers
    19U AA - Little Flyers


    MAWHA - Announcements

    In an effort to keep the Member's Contact information accurate and up to date, we request an updated club contact sheet at each Annual Membership meeting.  This year we did not receive a sheet from several clubs and to help facilitate the collection of Club Contact we have integrated the Club Contact Information gathering on the MAWHA website.

    Please take a few minutes to provide us the Club Contact information that is requested (President, Treasurer, Director/Ace Coordinator, and Referee Assigner)  This information will allow the MAWHA information to be properly distributed with a current contact information.

    The Website Link to the Contact Collection form is MAWHA Club Contact Collection Form

    * * * * SafeSport - Update * * * *

    SafeSport – Attached is the memo summarizing SafeSport, below are highlights to be announced.  The full document is in the link at the bottom of this summary passed down from USA Hockey through the Annual Congress.

    1. The US Center for SafeSport has exclusive jurisdiction over all allegations of Sexual Misconduct and has discretionary jurisdiction over other possible SafeSport allegations.
      1. Basically any adult, covered by USAH, is considered a mandatory reporter and if any such person learns of facts that give reason to suspect that a child has suffered an incident of Child Abuse, the adult shall as soon as possible report the suspected abuse to both the US Center for SafeSport and to applicable law enforcement authorities.
    2. SafeSport Training;
      1. Beginning this season, SafeSport training is required every year.  However if you completed training in the most recent season (2018-19) you will retain valid training status for 2019-20.
      2. All (whether registered with USAH or not) board members of the clubs and affiliates are to have SafeSport training.  There will be audits conducted to assure all required have been trained. 
      3. All players born in 2002 and earlier that are playing on a team with players under 18 are required to have SafeSport training prior to being put on the roster.
      4. USAH will offer and give training to minor athletes with age-specific training, this will not be required for the minor athletes except for “c” above.
    3. Screening will move to a national program administered by USAH starting the 2020-21 season.  The US Olympic Committee is still in the process of finalizing background screening policies, hopefully finalizing by September this year.
      1. The USAH national program will still require the Pennsylvania individuals to still follow PA law for screening.  THIS WILL NOT REPLACE THE PA SCREENING REQUIREMENTS.

    Pete Rothman 
    AAHA SafeSport Coordinator
    Cell 610.721.4378

    Latest Headlines


    *** PA Act 153 and USA Hockey ***

    All Pennsylvania teams and teams that have played 30 or more games in Pennsylvania.

     USA Hockey has allowed PA coaches, managers and anyone that is required to be screened under PA Act 153 to have fulfilled the USAH screening requirement under a one year pilot program.  For more information on the screening requirements under Pennsylvania Commonwealth Law go to

    SafeSport Preseason Checklist

    The SafeSport Training and Refresher Training are each valid for two seasons. Thus, if you took the training during the 2014-2015 season, it was valid for the 2014-2015 and 2015-16 seasons and you will need to complete the SafeSport Refresher course for this 2016-17 season. . It is the policy of USA Hockey and the AAHA that those participants who (1) have regular, routine or frequent access to or supervision over minor participants (e.g., coaches, team managers, chaperones, etc.), (2) are responsible for enforcing child abuse and misconduct policies, (3) are in managerial or supervisory roles of a USA Hockey Member Program, and (4) are new and current employees and/or volunteers of a USA Hockey Member Program, shall complete appropriate training

    Screening of all coaches, managers, locker room monitors, officials and others that have regular, routine or frequent access to minor participants are to be screened every two years (see screening schedule below). Those in Pennsylvania (or participate in PA for 30 or more days) are required to comply with Pennsylvania Act 153 (amended by Act 15) screening requirements; o Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance; o Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check; and o Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal Background Check. For more information on the PA requirements go to If you are not subject to the Pennsylvania law then go to All PA clubs must report to the AAHA a list of the cleared certificates received by November 30, 2016. Attached is a copy of the report that needs to be filed with Pete Rothman, AAHA SafeSport Coordinator

    If your Screening Started:

    Year Screened Pennsylvania Compliance Not Subjet to PA Law AAHA Compliance
    2015-2016 You were screened under PA153 You were Screened through AAHA - Verified Volunteers
    2016-2017 No Current Screening Required No Current Screening Required
    2017-2018 AAHA Screening Required AAHA Screening Required
    2018-2019 No Current Screening Required No Current Screening Required
    2019-2020  AAHA Screening Required AAHA Screening Required
    2020-2021 PA 153 Screening Required No Current Screening Required


    If your Screening Started:

    Year Screened Year Screened Pennsylvania Compliance Not subject to PA Law - AAHA Compliance
    2016-2017 PA 153 Screening Required AAHA Screening Required
    2017-2018 No Current Screening Required No Current Screening Required
    2018-2019 AAHA Screening Required AAHA Screening Required
    2019-2020 No Current Screening Required No Current Screening Required
    2020-2021 AAHA Screening Required AAHA Screening Required
    2021-2022 PA 153 Screening Required No Current Screening Required


    Locker Room Monitors that have followed the above training and screening procedures should be scheduled for the season. It is the policy of USA Hockey that all USA Hockey Member Programs must have at least one responsible screened adult (which may include coaches, managers or other volunteers) present monitoring the locker room during all team events. Acceptable locker room monitoring could include having locker room monitors inside the locker room while participants are in the locker room, or could include having a locker room monitor in the immediate vicinity (near the door within arm’s length and so that the monitor can sufficiently hear inside the locker room) outside the locker room that also regularly and frequently enters the locker room to monitor activity inside.

    Review your organizations Electronic Communications Policy. If the player is under the age of 18, any email, text, social media, or similar communication must also copy or include the player’s parents. Coaches are prohibited from having players joined to or connected through their personal Facebook page or any other similar social media application. To facilitate communication, an official organization or team page may be set up and players and parents may join (i.e., “friend”) the official organization or team page and coaches can communicate to players though that site. All electronic communication of any kind between coach and player, including use of social media, must be non-personal in nature and be for the purpose of communicating information about team activities or for team oriented motivational purposes.

    Submit your Organization’s SafeSport Coordinator Name and Contact Information to Pete Rothman by September 1, 2016. This individual should be familiar with the USA Hockey SafeSport Program Handbook.

    Coming this September (scheduled) USA Hockey will publish a SafeSport Manual.

    If you have any questions during the season please call Pete Rothman 610.721.4378 or email

    MAWHA Player Movement Rule

    Roster changes may be made after December 31st , however players added to the roster after December 31st are not eligible for District playoffs or MAWHA league games and playoffs.

    1. Player movement
    1. No player will be allowed to play in a Mawha league game unless rostered with AAHA USA Hockey Registrar and Mawha league rosters for the team and confirmed by the appropriate Vice President (or Commissioner).
    2. Until December 31st players within a club can move (with appropriate notification and confirmation) within an age division and/or between age divisions, as long as age appropriate (goalies exempt).
    3. A player who has played in 3 (goalies; 5) or more Mawha Tier I league games during the current season may not move to Tier II or lower without Executive Board approval.
    4. Notification of the move must be made (by telephone or email) to the appropriate Vice President (or Commissioner if the appropriate Vice President is not available) no later than noon the immediate Friday before the Mawha league game.
    • Age groups 8U, 10U and 12U – Vice President
    • Age group 14U, 16U and 19U – Executive Vice President
    1. Once a player move is confirmed, they cannot be moved back to, or to another Mawha team for the weekend.  If the player is to be moved back to, or to another team the next weekend, this player movement procedure must be followed for the next weekend.
    2. Required information in notification to the appropriate Vice President;
    • Club Name
    • Player’s Name
    • Birth Date
    • Uniform Number
    • Position
    • Team (Age and Division) Movement From
    • Team (Age and Division) Movement To
    • Club representative name, email address and cell phone number requesting the move.
    1. The appropriate Vice President will email confirmation of the player move to the club official that requested the move.
    2. Failure to follow the above notification process may cause the player to be declared ineligible, the club fined and/or the game forfeited by the Commissioner.

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